Why Gravita

As GRAVITA success saga continue in all operating markets and new emerging markets across globe , it continues to be guided by the principles of effective corporate governance while at the same time pushing up the profitability graph with adoption of new technologies and revisiting the existing talent . With business blue print in place for next level of journey, GRAVITA firmly believes in the maxim, “The success of a company depends on its quality of workforce.”  The cutting edge of any aspirational business like us will be only the skilled manpower with continuous focus on learning new which is relevant and important in today’s context. Commitment and sincerity come only when the employees feel that the organization cares and believe in them. With this core philosophy, GRAVITA takes the utmost care and cautions for its employees to marshal them into a dedicated task-force. Each employee is an individual identity and we appreciate the uniqueness of individual and nurture them in their strength. We hone their skills, update their existing knowledge, recognize their achievements and support them in every part of their journey.


  • Talent Acquisition & Talent Retention
    GRAVITA believes that only meritocracy can differentiates performance and only aspirational organizations recruit and retain best employees. Retaining talented employees is critical and best way to engage them is to provide good and challenging jobs, opportunities for development and progression and competitive compensation.
  • Learning & Development
    As our existing and new stream of business continues to evolve, we encourage and enable our employees to think big and look for growth. GRAVITA continues to invest in and improve its functional and managerial capabilities through internal and external development and training.
  • Diversify Talent Team
    GRAVITA strongly believes that diversity within team greatly enhances our overall capabilities. In all our global operating locations in Asia, Africa and other continents, we pride ourselves on being equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on basis of race, caste, religion, gender, nationality, age and disability.
  • Mutual Trust Based Culture
    Honest and two ways communication between senior leadership team and employees at all level is integral part of GRAVITA Culture. Mutual trust based on openness and transparency is two strong pillars of performance culture of GRAVITA which is now more on partnership mode.

If, therefore, you are aspiring for a rewarding and meaningful career, GRAVITA has to be your preferred choice of employer. With a truly global mindset, we at GRAVITA thrive on sharing information across borders and businesses in a work environment that fosters and encourages open, honest and direct communication. A decisive factor in our success is our creativity. We attach great importance to fostering independence and individual responsibility.