We Import

Lead Ore / Concentrate


Any of several minerals from which Lead is extracted. The primary ore is galena or Lead sulphite PbS. This is unstable, and on prolonged exposure to the atmosphere it oxidizes into the minerals cerussite PbCO3 and anglesite PbSO4. Lead ores are usually associated with other metals, particularly silver which can be mined at the same time – and zinc, which can cause problems during smelting.

Remelted Lead / Lead Blocks / Bullions


We produce & Import Remelted Lead Ingots / Blocks, which contains about 99-98% Lead Metal with remaining Impurity Elements (Total 1-2%) as Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Iron, Bismuth, Copper etc.This is commercially called as ‘Raw Lead or Lead Bullion’, which is further processed to Pure Lead (99.97 purity) and / or Specific Lead Alloys.Remelted Lead Ingots is being produced by Smelting Operation done in Blast Furnace / Rotary Furnace. India considered as one of the biggest Importer of this product.

Battery Scrap


Lead is used in most of the batteries all over the world. So battery scrap is used to get Lead to reuse through recycling process. It depends upon the type of battery. Most car, truck, motorcycle, boat etc. batteries are “Lead Acid” batteries; which means they are considered to be a hazardous waste due to Lead and acid. A transporter of spent Lead-Acid batteries must ensure that the batteries are loaded and braced properly so as to prevent any damage, leakage of Lead dust or battery fluid, or short circuits. A bill of lading or Hazardous Waste Manifest is to accompany the shipment and must be retained for three years to record shipment. Damaged batteries can be transported with intact batteries when properly contained. Batteries recyclers have recommended that damaged batteries be stored and transported in two six millimeter polyethylene plastic bags. These batteries can be transferred along with intact spent batteries. If a cap is missing from a spent battery, it should be replaced.