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Lead Sheet

Lead sheet
Lead sheet

Lead Sheet is an important product made from Pure Lead / Lead Alloy. Lead Sheet has major importance in chemical and related industries as Lead Metal being resistant against wide range of chemicals.

Lead sheet is also used in x-ray and gamma-ray protection, building construction for roofing and flashing, shower pans, flooring, vibration damping and soundproofing. Lead Sheets for use in chemical industries and building construction is made from either Pure Lead or Lead-Antimonial Alloy up to 6% normally. Calcium-Lead and Calcium-Lead-Tin Alloys are also suitable for many of these applications of Lead Sheet Manufacturing.

Lead Wire

lead wire
lead wire

Lead Wires are manufactured to cover a wide range of dimensions and materials to suit the many applications.

We are the producer of Lead Wire that we produce in various forms as per the requirement of customers. The function of Lead Wire are multiple naming a few in bullets, electric lamps, in bridge rectifiers and so on…

We have been supplying our Lead Wires across the Globe which has garnered worldwide recognition. We appreciate our customer’s demands and put our fullest energy to satisfy them beyond their expectations.

Our quality products have made a mark and have been using overwhelmingly by the related industries. We are firm on values and one them is “NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY”. Our this tenacity has been making it possible the retention of our customers and also everyday increasing their numbers considerably.

Lead Bricks used for Radioactive Shielding and Radiation Shielding

Gravita India offers Straight type Lead Wires for radiation shielding where interlocking bricks will not suit your application. They can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of loosing the interlocking capability. A Double row stacked behind the first in a staggered pattern can combat the loss of radiation commonly known to happen through the first row gaps.

Lead Powder

lead-powderGravita considered as Leader in powdered Lead metallurgy, as we offer Lead Metal Powder:

  • A variety of high purity atomized Lead Powder
  • A broad range of options in grade sizes and custom blends
  • Order sizes tailored from small quantities to truckloads

The typical usage of Lead Metal Powder is

  • Oil and gas exploration, Radiological Medical protective clothing, Industrial X-ray shielding, Golf club manufacturing, Anti-friction products, Radiological protective gloves etc.

Lead Anode

Lead anode
Lead anode

Lead Anode is used as an electrode during Zinc Refining / Electrolysis. The company has brought commercial production of Lead anode made by Lead-Silver Alloy or as per desired specification made the customers.

Lead Anode, One of the major uses is in zinc smelters to do protection against corrosion as it is also anodic in behavior to noble metals.

  • We have developed very efficient shapes and sizes with years of experience.
  • Great for custom chrome plating
  • Solid – square or round, we will manufacture it for you
  • All hooks are copper since it is the best conductor
  • Send us your drawings and we will produce to your specifications
  • Any size any shape
  • All hooks are Plasticol coated for protection from the solutions and handling
  • We also manufacture Lead Grids for certain applications
  • Send us your anodes for repairs or modifications

Lead Pipe

Lead Pipe

Lead Pipe (Seamless) is made from Pure Lead Metal (99.97% min.) or Lead Alloys, which is readily fabricated by extrusion. Lead Metal have excellent property of corrosion resistance and flexibility, Lead Pipes finds many uses in the chemical industry. Lead Pipe for these applications is made from either chemical Pure Lead or up to 6% Antimonial Lead Alloy.

We offer Pure Lead (Chemical Grade) Pipes & Antimonial Lead Pipes as per client specification. Our standard sizes are min 10mm ID and max 200mm ID. The main application for such Lead Pipe are for Water, Soil Waste, Ventilating, Gas Purpose, Telephones, Telegraph, Under ground works, Acids & Chemicals.

In present time, Lead Pipes are mainly used for carriage of corrosive chemicals in chemical plants. The appropriate composition of Lead with other alloying Metal is extruded for cutting into short length ‘sleeves’ which is used for jointing of Lead Sheathed Cables.

Lead Sub-Oxide / Grey Oxide


Lead Sub-Oxide / Grey Oxide (2PbO.Pb.H2O), also commercially known as Grey Oxide / Battery Oxide is used on an extensive scale for preparation of plates in Lead Acid Battries which requires production to strict specifications. Refined Lead (Minimum 99.97% purity) is required input for our Grey Oxide manufacturing plant, which uses the Ball Mill process.


Litharge, which is Lead Mono-Oxide (PbO) is a yellowish or reddish, odorless, heavy, earthy, water-insoluble, solid, PbO, used chiefly in the manufacture of Lead Stabilizers (Lead Steareates), pottery, Lead glass, paints, enamels, and inks. Litharge is also called Lead Monoxide, Lead Oxide, Plumbous Oxide.

Other use of Litharge is as intermediate used in a variety of industries like lubricants and greases, insecticides, inorganic pigments, Lead soaps, petroleum refining, rubber and PVC etc..

Our manufacturing Plant for Litharge has a Barton plant as the common first step. The required input is refined Lead ingots of minimum 99.98% purity. The Barton plant output is routed to the Litharge furnace with their respective equipment complement, which comprises of the Litharge furnace, grinder, cyclone and bag-house arrangements, ending in a mixer / silo, Pulverizer & packing section.

Red Lead

Red Lead

Red Lead is a bright red to orange-red powder, used Lead glass, and red pigments; a paint made with red Lead is commonly used to protect iron and steel from rusting. Chemically, red Lead is Lead tetra oxide, Pb3O4, a water-insoluble compound that is prepared by the oxidation of metallic Lead or of Litharge (Lead monoxide); the commercial product sometimes contains litharge as an impurity.

Red Lead primer is one of the oldest and most commonly used anti-corrosion pigments applied to metal surfaces. Orange-red in color, red Lead forms the prime coat for most of the largest bridges in the world. Red Lead is also the primer of choice for most of the intricate steel structures of buildings built in the 20th century. Resistant to even salt water, red Lead was liberally applied to the hulls and decks of millions of ships. Typically, 85% red Lead (Lead concentration = 85%) was applied to these steel surfaces. Later, red Lead primers containing as much as 95% to 98% Lead were used.

Pure Lead


Pure Lead Ingot is being produced from Raw Lead Bullion / Lead Metallic Scrap though Pyrometallurgical process. Our Refining Process, producing Pure Lead Ingots with a minimum purity level of 99.97% by weight but achieves purity level of 99.985% in most of cases.

Our Plant is having three Refining Cattle / Pots with capacity of 35 MT, 15 MT & 12 MT each. Automatic Our Ingot Casting Machine cast 10 MT per hour and ensures Dross-free & smooth top surface of each ingots.

Lead Alloys

Our Alloying plant uses the Pyrometallurgical process to produce specific Lead Alloys. We have kettle pots of various capacities ranging from 12-35 tonnes per batch accompanied by high efficiency furnace oil burners equipped with preheating arrangements. Emissions control is achieved by a flexible kettle hood venting into a venturi scrubber attached to an induction draft fan along with a chimney/stack arrangement.