Lead Glass / Shielding

Lead Shielding for X-Ray Room

Lead Glass is potassium silicate glass which has been impregnated with Lead oxide (from 12% to 28% by weight) in its fabrication. It does not block the glass to stop its visibility but provide additional feature to block x-rays, or to increase the refractive index of the glass, and thus its lustre, or sparkle.

Lead glass’s primary contemporary use is in the construction of televisions and monitors. In a standard cathode ray tube, high-energy electrons are fired at phosphors painted on the inside of the tube, it also produces X-rays. The Lead in the glass acts as a barrier to this unwanted radiation. X-Ray shielding Lead glass offers excellent radiation protection and superb visual clarity. The polished surfaces do not scratch easily, it does not discolor due to radiation.

Lead Glass in TV

This glass is used for anti-radiation equipment, portholes, and observation windows in radiation enclosures. It provides protection for operators and observers in the vicinity of x-ray and gamma ray sources. In addition to the uses already mentioned, other applications include:

  • Cobalt Therapy
  • X-Ray Spectacles
  • Radiation Spectacles
  • Radioscopic Screens
  • Radiological Protection
  • Radiotherapy
  • Protective Specialties
  • Nuclear Windows

Radiation Shielding glasses are used where transparent protection against Ionizing Radiation is necessary. Our glass is used in X-Ray rooms, Operating theatres, Radiation Therapy Rooms, Dental Clinics, Laboratories, and for Material Testing. Door glazing, panoramic glazing, Mobile protection walls, and Protective panels for Check up systems or in Mammography work stations.