Rotary Furnace for Lead Battery Recycling

Rotary furnace is design for treatment and recovery of Lead from Lead Acid Batteries Scrap and for the reduction of Lead Sulphate, Lead Oxides, Lead Concentrates, Lead Dross and Lead Ore. Rotary Furnace will work at temperature of about 1000-1200 C. The Inside Temperature

Rotary Furnace
Rotary Furnace

Indicator is provided on the electric control panel and the Thermo couple probe at exhaust duct of the Rotary Furnace for controlling & maintaining temperature in the furnace.

 Raw Material Required

  • Lead Acid Battery scrap
  • Lead Scrap
  • Lead concentrate
  • Lead dross
  • Lead ash and other lead bearing scrap

The above raw materials, along with soda ash, iron turnings and charcoal are charged in to Rotary Furance for smelting purpose and the same after smelting converted/melted lead is tapped out as crude lead blocks. Slag is separately treated in Rotary Furnace for further recovery. Emissions due to smelting are taken to 3 stage air pollution control


The advantages of using the Rotary furnace over conventional methods (say Blast/Fixed Furnace) are as follows:

  • Its high production capacity
  • Here battery scraps as well as Blast Furnace waste, refining Dross, Bag House powder & Lead Ore too can be processed
  • The recovery of Lead is more as compared to Blast/Fixed Furnace.
  • This system is environmental friendly.
  • User friendly with less man power requirement due to less manual work.