Lead Refining and Alloying


Gravita offers the Lead refining / alloying solutions/technology to the various customers across the globe as per the international purity standard of secondary Lead i.e. 99.97% and above which is the bare minimum requirement of any customer for pure Lead. Lead alloying is completely customer-specific and always manufactured as per the customer’s specification and desired significance (%) of different elements.

Lead Refining Kettle/ Furnace
Lead Refining Kettle/ Furnace

Working Principle

Lead Refining  /alloying system is a pyro-metallurgical process. In the processing of pure Lead, smelted Lead bullion (output of Rotary Furnace) are being collected in a refining pot/kettle for further treatment of impurities/dross. There are certain dross removal procedures and time involving in this process depending on the composition/significance of the different dross. This dross normally treats with different chemicals to remove out to get pure Lead (99.97%).

In Lead alloying process, a specific percentage of the desired element normally mix up in pure Lead to make it Lead alloy which is completely customer’s specific and may vary as per the requirement eg. Antimony alloy, Copper alloy, Tin alloy, Arsenic alloy, and silver alloy.

Final Products

  • Pure Lead 99.97% and above
  • Lead Alloys (customer-specific)
  • Value Added Products (customer-specific)