Lead Metal



Gravita is one of the largest material recycler in India having pan – Indian presence where recycling plants are located at Phagi (Rajasthan), Chittoor (A.P), Gandhidham (Gujarat) and Kathua (Jammu). We have presence in Srilanka and Africa also. Our African recycling plants are located in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania. These plants have environment friendly operation of recycling where scrap batteries are disintegrated through minimum human interference and finished product produced with a very stringent specification.


Gravita has wide spectrum of lead products offering to Lead acid battery, Power cables, Pigments & Chemicals, Radiation protection and construction industries.

The biggest challenge in recycling business is collection of scrap which is raw material for the process. Gravita’s wide spread procurement network not only ensure collection but also made aware people through various campaign. Gravita’s operations includes collection of scrap from various location including Far East Indian districts to capital cities. The safe collection and transportation is major part of environment protection process also.


Raw material (Scrap) processed at our plants through scrap disintegration, smelting and refining process followed by value added processing. The finished products are in form of refined lead (99.985%), customized lead alloys, Lead oxides, Lead sheets, Lead powder and Lead balls.


We largely cater lead battery industry, Power cable industry, Chemical and Pigments sector. Some of our specialized products (Lead sheets, Lead powder) are used in radiation protection and construction industry. Lead balls are used in sports segment Gravita also offers Turkey solution for recycling industry. The turnkey solutions include battery scrap dismantling unit, process furnaces for smelting and refining, pollution control equipment and other ancillaries


Our presence in technology helps us to upgrade our facilities to meet challenges related to environment protection and also better efficiency.

We believe the environment friendly process not only protects the environment but it made operations sustainable in terms of
compliances and improved process efficiency.