Lead Alloy

Gravita’s lead alloys have a wide variety in terms of applications. We produce Lead – Tin, Lead – Antimony, Lead – Antimony – Selenium, Lead – Tin –Calcium, Lead – Tin – Antimony, Lead – Arsenic, Lead – Cadmium – Silver, Lead – Cadmium Tin – Antimony Alloy 

The uniform distribution of alloying elements across the cross-section ensures superior metallurgical, mechanical, and electrical properties.

 The controlled process and quality systems in our plants ensure a minimum level of impurities. We are supplying our product to the Lead-acid battery industry and power cable industry. Gravita products offer a distinctive advantage in critical applications and ensure the enhanced life of the equipment.

We produce Alloy E, Alloy E/2, and Alloy C/2 for the sheathing of power cables. These are combinations of Lead, Antimony, Tin, and cadmium. Our product offers complete protection to cable insulation  from the environment and also support electrical performance