We provide Technology and Solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing.


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Gravita India LtdBrief History
Gravita India Ltd. was incorporated on 4th August, 1992. The Founder Directors of the Company are Mr. Rajat Agrawal and his father Dr. M. P. Agrawal. The Company’s manufacturing facility is situated at ‘Saurabh’, Chittora Road, Harsulia Mod, Diggi-Malpura Road, Tehsil - Phagi, Jaipur. The Company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified small scale unit (SSI) and involved in the manufacturing and supply of Re-melted Lead Ingots, Pure / Refined Lead Ingots, Lead Alloys & Lead Oxides.

Company commenced its commercial production in 1993-94. The outcome of continuous hard work done by the management started giving good results. The remarkable turn-around appeared in performance during FY 2012-13 which was Rs. 387.75 Crore also and is going on presently with even higher multiples. Group achieved turnover of Rs. 517.17 Crore during the FY-2013-14.

Present Infrastructure
Installed Capacity of the Group is 86,100 MT and increasing the capacity upto 20%.

Land & Building
The industrial land owned by the Company measures around 10,000 sq. meters, while the constructed area is around 4,000 sq. meters. Facilities include three big Shed, own Power Generation System, Transformer unit, Water Bore well, Pumping Station, and separate Colonies for staff and labor, Plantations etc.

Plant & Machinery
The main plant and machinery consists of Lead Scrap Shearing Machine, Rotary Furnace with Pollution Control Plant, Lead Refining / Alloying Kettle, Laboratory (Equipped with Atomic Absorption Spectrometer & Optical Emission Spectrometer), & Lead Oxide Plant (all 3 division) etc.

The total connected power load of the unit is 425 HP and average power withdrawal is about 160 KVA and unit is enjoying an equivalent connection load from JVVNL.

The Company employ about 500 people at different levels where 70 are at Head office dealing in sales, administration and corporate services & rest are employed at different plant locations at different centers.

Market Scenario
The Company’s present turnover in domestic and export market is almost equal. The products of the Company are of high quality and purity. The demand for the Lead Oxides / Alloys is huge in the market and there are not many players in organized sector. The Company’s products are exported to many Asian Countries and the quality products supplied by the Company bring in repeated orders from its highly satisfied customers. The Company has sufficient spare capacities to manufacture and supply high quality Lead products when demand is not a constraint in domestic and export markets.



Gravita India Plant & Machinary Photographs