We provide Technology and Solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing.


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Our logo, itself, is a symbol of energy. The four triangles are emblems of the four facets of a pyramid – centralizing the total energies of the universe at a common point – The GRAVITA GROUP.

The different figures in our Logo represent the diversity of our group wherein individuals of different races, caste, creed and religion work together hand in hand, in perfect harmony. Despite these diversities our entire work-force works in unison towards the achievement of excellence in every field. The central point in the Logo symbolizes the synergization of all the diverse energies into a single focal point i.e. the GROWTH OF GRAVITA.

We have made our mark worldwide amongst a wide miscellany; even with this assortment we have been successful in concentrating our forces and efforts towards a central point, the Growth of Gravita hence justifying the presence of a central point in our logo.

The four triangles form a square and the four vertices depict our approach in all the four directions viz. East, West, North and South, symbolizing our vision of establishing our presence in all the corners of the world and taking our business across hitherto unimagined frontiers.