We provide Technology and Solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing.


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The establishment of Gravita India Ltd in 1992 at Jaipur – the state capital of Rajasthan marked the beginning of our first foray into recycling and manufacture of Lead. Jaipur is located about 265 kms from New Delhi, the capital of India and is well connected by rail, road and air.

Gravita today is one of the leading business houses of India involved in the manufacture of Lead and its by-products. The initial objective of the company was to manufacture Lead metal by recycling Lead from Battery scrap (ULAB). This was subsequently extended to Lead refining, alloying and production of Lead oxide (Litharge, Red Lead and Lead sub-oxide). Gravita is owned and managed by a forward-looking team of professionals with an experience of over 20 years and a vision for the future. We are committed to providing low-cost Lead and its by-products of the highest quality, with special emphasis on time-bound delivery.

Our operations conform, very strictly, to ISO 9001 and 14000 guidelines.

After successfully charting the waters in India our first venture abroad took us to Sri Lanka where in the year 2000 we first commissioned Navam Lanka - a first of its kind eco-friendly Lead recycling facility in Sri Lanka. And we haven’t looked back as we can proudly boast of our presence on virtually every continent of the globe.